Unlock the Power of Focus in the Workplace

Our bespoke Behavioural Science-backed trainings empower your organisation to build a healthy relationship with technology

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Transform your team's digital and mental wellbeing with Waitasec Executive Functioning Solutions

Prevent employee Burnout

Learn to take restorative breaks at work to prevent mental burnout
Distraction Proof the Workplace
Identify and overcome distraction triggers to refocus your attention
Prevent digital fatigue, depression, and anxiety at work
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Equips employees with right skill set

Waitasec Executive Functioning Solutions help you identify distracting habits, build better ones, and take back control of their digital and mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Tailored Executive Functioning Training Tools
Customized Cognitive Skills Support for Teams
Optimise Employee and Manager Performance
Boost workplace efficiency
Leveraging Nudge Theory

Backed by Behavioural Science

Our Psychology-based interventions and behavioural coaching enhance workplace habits and promote best practices.

Kymm Li

Founder of Waitasec,
Behavioural Scientist
We guide employees to take a mindfulness break away from distracting activities, or energy-draining work habits.

A 3-Staged Program to support employees in building better habits

Awareness Building & Screening

Awareness raising for cognitive needs; screening and referral for ADHD adults

Learning and Skillsets Training

Coaching sessions, shadowed working, insights and feedback sharing

Suite of Supportive Applications

Team Management platform and mobile devices application

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Empower your team with Waitasec Executive Functioning Solutions

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Unlock the Power of Focus

As partners you will have access to our a sustainable solution for managing employees' unintentional, excessive use of digital platforms, tailored to your needs.

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