Roberto Lattuada

Co-Founder and Business Development

PhD in CS, serial entrepreneur in digital health, over 20years experience in digital applications and services

Kymm Li

Co-Founder and Product Development

MSc Organisational and Social PsychologyTrained in Behavioural Science models and experienced in application to organisational setting

Feedel Ventures

Business Strategy & Product

The 1st decentralised Startup Studio. We craft ideas, grow talents and cofound digital ventures

Lorenzo Seritti

CEO at Feedel Ventures

Valentina Rao

Design Lead at Feedel Ventures

Nicola Di Nardo

CTO at Feedel Ventures

Sara Airoldi

Digital Product Designer at Feedel Ventures

Our Partner team

Elvis Mazzoni

Co-founder and scientific advisor of Unveil Consulting

Associate Professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology at the Department of Psychology of University of Bologna. Co-founder and scientific advisor of Unveil Consulting.

Principal fields of research: Educational Psychology; Lifespan Development; Digital R-Evolution; Problematic and Functional Internet Use; Robotics in Human Development.

Martina Benvenuti

Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna

Researcher on Developmental and Educational Psychology. Currently involved in national and international research projects

Principal fields of research: impact of technologies such (e.g. AI) during the life cycle, from childhood to adulthood, with a focus on the transitions that characterize the way from adolescence to emerging adults.

Marco Favilla

Co-Founder of Unveil Consulting

Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychologist with experience in the HR field.
Co-Founder of Unveil Consulting, a University of Bologna spin-off.

Principal fields of work: Innovation in organizational training and consultancy, with special focus on HR and technology Competent in quantitative and qualitative data analysis

Sergio Sangiorgi

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychologist,
Consultant, Lecturer, Trainer and HR Advisor at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Treasurer & Member of the Board of Directors of SIPLO (Italian Society of Occupational and Organizational.

Principal fields of research: Networking processes and organizational change, data science

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